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About Us

NedCoop, an arm of Nediva International Limited is an open multipurpose cooperative society. Nediva International Limited is duly registered with the CAC (Rc1214332) of Nigeria, established in 2014.

Our Vision

To help people leverage pooled resources for the advancement of their businesses or personal developmental needs through various financial supports.

Our Mission

To build a sustainable, transparent and credible community for the growth and advancement of members.

Our Philosophy

Honesty, Transparency, and Progress

Why You Should Join Us!

Flexible payment plan (daily, weekly, monthly).

Access to readily available financial statement

Access to loan after 6 months of active contribution

Earn bonuses for all referrals every month

Minimum savings deposit of N500

Registered Members
Items Sold
Cities Covered

Our Offers

  • Loans
    • All members who have contributed for a minimum of six (6) months would be eligible for loans and credits with interest as low as 10% per annum.
  • Pool - Ajo
    • Instantly join a pool group and select a preferred slot for payout.
  • Real Estate
    • All members of the cooperative would have access to funding for land and house purchase.
  • Bulk Share
    • Enjoy bulk purchases in smaller units through bulk sharing. This includes foodstuffs, gadgets, home items, fashion items, etc.

Our Client Testimonials

Loans & Credit

Loans and Credit Scheme

  • Basic

    • Loan: Yes
    • Shares: ₦0
    • Savings: ₦5,000
    • Join Fee: ₦5,000
  • Bronze

    • Loan: Yes
    • Shares: ₦0
    • Savings: ₦10,000
    • Join Fee: ₦5,000
  • Silver

    • Loan: Yes
    • Shares: ₦0
    • Savings: ₦15,000
    • Join Fee: ₦5,000
  • Gold

    • Loan: Yes
    • Shares: ₦0
    • Savings: ₦20,000
    • Join Fee: ₦5,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to Dashboard, enter the amount you want to contribute and select your preferred payment plan (daily, weekly, monthly)

Depending on your payment plan, an invoice would be generated whenever your contribution is due. Go to the INVOICE menu to view and pay.

Membership is strictly by referral. If you don't have anyone to sponsor you, please contact us below.

A co-operator is qualified to access two times his/her savings balance as a loan after 6 months of membership.

Go to the Portal on the APP and select the loan category and eligible amount. You would also be required to select 2 guarantors and get their approval.

Members can get up to 200% of their savings balance as loan once they qualify for it i.e. if you have 50k, you can get 100k as a loan, provided the applicant can pay back within the stipulated maximum repayment period for the type of loan accessed.

The repayment period for Normal Loan is between 4-24 months.

Your sponsor will share the Android APP link on PlayStore with you. Go to DASHBOARD and on the login page, click REGISTER. After registration, go to Account Profile and update the referral code shared with you.

Membership is strictly based on invitation. This means every member is well-known by someone before joining.

Contact Us

We would be glad to hear from you!

If you have a business you would like to discuss, get in touch with us.

We intend to have more modules catering to various businesses. If your business does not have a suitable module on our list, let us talk about it and we would work on it.

Nediva International Limited

P: (234) 909-633-4820

+234 (0) 909 633 4820